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Reliable Subterranean Termite Control in Glendale & Pasadena, CA

Hydrex Pest Control Protects You From Subterranean Termites

An often invisible and unsuspected hazard to homeowners is the destruction caused by termites. Research reveals that termites cause more than $2 billion in damages to North American homes each year. With colonies of up to 1 million members, subterranean termites are responsible for 95% of that damage. But Hydrex Pest Control of Burbank Glendale can help protect your home or business and give you peace of mind. Our professional extermination team can help eradicate the pests from your Southern California property and keep your structures safe. Call us today to learn more about how subterranean termites enter your home, how serious they are if left alone, and how we can eliminate them for good thanks to our subterranean termite control in Glendale, CA, saving you thousands in potential property repairs.

Termites at a small hole in the timber. Larger-than-life reproduction ratio. Termites are insects in the order Isoptera.

Recognizing Conditions Favorable for Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are the most common type of termite in the country. They live in the soil underneath and around your house and are found in every state in the contiguous United States. Subterranean termites can enter your home or business through wood that touches the ground, by constructing mud tubes up to 20 feet in length from the soil to the wood through which they enter, or through cracks in concrete walls. These pests require moisture to survive, which is why colonies are often present in trees, mulch, and scrap lumber. It is prudent to divert water away from your house’s foundation, properly ventilate crawl spaces to reduce humidity in your home and avoid burying wood scraps in your yard to minimize your risk of a subterranean termite infestation.

Identifying Subterranean Termites in Your Structure

Subterranean termites operate within a system of clearly-defined roles. The swarmers are dark brown or black and have two pairs of wings. The workers are smaller than the swarmers and are cream-colored without wings. Soldiers similarly lack wings but have large jaws and are creamy-white with brown heads. If you notice a colony in your home or business, you should call Hydrex Pest Control of Burbank Glendale immediately. Other signs that you may have an infestation include discarded wings, mud tubes, and damaged wood. You will do yourself a service by inspecting your property if you notice any of these warning signs. Pay close attention to areas that are adjacent to damp soils. However, the presence of termites in your yard is not necessarily an indication that your home needs treatment or pest control. Check to make sure they have not entered your home at any vulnerable points and be sure to keep damp woods and scraps away from your foundation, but many areas will support termite life without putting nearby homes at risk.

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Understanding the Seriousness of a Termite Infestation

Subterranean termites are capable of extensive structural damage to your home or business. Colonies can often live in your structure for years undetected and include up to 1 million members that are feverishly chewing away at your wood. The subterranean termites will use their saw-toothed jaws to bite off small wood fragments incessantly. The pests will only eat the softwood portion, which can leave the appearance of layering. Over time, the weakened structural integrity can result in thousands of dollars of damage or even a total collapse of your wood structures.

Ways to Eradicate a Termite Population in Your Structure

It is necessary to call Hydrex Pest Control of Burbank Glendale to eradicate a termite population from your home or business completely. Do-it-yourself pest control options have not demonstrated success, so bring in the professionals to keep your property safe now and for years to come. There are multiple methods for exterminating subterranean termites. Our experts will customize a treatment plan for your property based on the degree of your infestation and the layout of the house. We may suggest either a liquid termite treatment plan or a bait and monitoring strategy as part of our subterranean termite control in Glendale, CA:

Liquid Termite Treatment

Liquid termite treatments will help to immediately deter subterranean termites and keep your home or business protected from potential future infestations. They can be applied – often in trenches – to the inside and outside of your home as well as within its foundation to provide a complete barrier. Furthermore, liquid wood treatments can be injected directly into active infestations.

Bait & Monitoring

Monitoring stations are placed in strategic locations around your property to identify the presence of subterranean termites. Once termites are detected, we will replace the monitoring station with a bait device. The pests will consume the bait and share it with others in their colony, establishing population control and protecting your structure.

Call Hydrex Pest Control for a Free Home Inspection in Glendale

Subterranean termites can go undetected for years, which is why enlisting the assistance of a professional is so vital to maintaining a property free of the pests. Hydrex Pest Control of Burbank Glendale has a wealth of experience detecting termites and exterminating them to save you thousands in home repair costs. Early detection is critical so that your weakened foundation does not put you or your family at risk. If you could use subterranean termite control in Glendale, CA, call us today for a free inspection of your home or business.

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