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Effective Drywood Termite Control in Glendale & Pasadena, CA

Drywood termites thrive in areas with warm-to-tropical climates featuring mild winters where wooden structures are abundant, such as Southern California. These unwelcome house guests do not need moist soil or water to survive, so they are typically found in drywood situated above sea level. They can receive the water necessary for survival from the humidity as well as minimal moisture in the drywood of your house or home. But do not let them feast on your foundation. Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co. of Burbank Glendale can expertly exterminate drywood termite infestation and keep your home safe. Call us today to learn more about the habitats, threats, and prevention of these creatures. Many home and business owners rely on us for effective drywood termite control in Glendale, California.

Recognizing the Characteristics of Drywood Termites

Drywood termites are typically pale brown and can have wings that are clear or smoky gray. This species of termites utilizes a caste system, with roles including workers, reproductives, and soldiers. The workers damage the wood in your Glendale home or business and care for the rest of the colony, the reproductive termites grow wings and leave to form new colonies, and the soldiers protect the established colony. Drywood termites eat across wood’s grain, meaning they can damage soft spots and hard layers. Colonies of drywood termites include up to 10,000 members.

Ways Drywood Termites Can Enter Your Glendale Home

Drywood termites can enter your Glendale home through exposed wood and infested items including wooden furniture. A male and female will choose a piece of wood in which to make their nest and enter through a small hole, crevice, or a joint between two pieces of wood. They will then seal the opening with a brown cement-like material measuring roughly 1/8th of an inch in diameter. The nesting termites will then excavate a chamber in which the queen can lay her first eggs, which will hatch and begin performing the work of a colony.

Noticing Signs of Drywood Termite Colonies

Signs of drywood termite infestation include small holes in the wood of your home or furniture, blistering of the wood as a result of termites tunneling too close to its surface, and accumulation of pellets smaller than grains of rice near the damaged wood. You may also observe swarms of reproductive termites flying out of their colony to start new ones. If you notice any of these warning flags, contact Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co. of Burbank Glendale immediately to schedule a visit. Early detection of an infestation will help minimize any damage caused by the pests.

Drywood Termites Are Capable of Causing Extensive Damage

Drywood termites can cause damage that is concentrated in one area of your building or affect the entire structure. That is why Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co. of Burbank Glendale is a vital partner in the defense of your property. Drywood termites can cause extensive damage by chewing tunnels into the wooden beams of your house and weakening them internally. This damage can sometimes be caused well before the discovery of their existence in your home or business, so routine checks for them are recommended. Drywood termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your support beams, floors, and walls.

How Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co.
of Burbank Glendale Can Help

Once you have determined that your house or business has an infestation of drywood termites, you must enlist the help of a professional. Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co. of Burbank Glendale is here to offer drywood termite control solutions that will minimize damage, eradicate drywood termites from your home, and help keep the pests at bay. The two leading pest control options to eliminate drywood termites are structural fumigation and localized or spot wood treatment:

Structural Fumigation

We will tightly seal your building with a fumigation cover before introducing one of several different gases meant to consume all of the oxygen within the structure. These gases are intended to replace existing oxygen with deadly vapor that will immediately kill the drywood termites when they attempt to breathe.

Localized or Spot Wood Treatment

If you catch the drywood termites early and they are unable to spread throughout your entire structure, pest control in a concentrated area may be an option. The professionals at Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co. of Burbank Glendale can drill small holes into your wood to introduce insecticide that will stop the drywood termites in their tracks.

We can also help you further protect your Glendale property by evaluating your structure for weak points and making suggestions for where you need to seal holes or cracks in your wood. We may also recommend varieties of mesh screens for your doors, windows, vents, and openings. Other best practices for the prevention of drywood termites include keeping firewood at least 20 feet from your building.

Call Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co. of Burbank Glendale for a Free Inspection

Call Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co. of Burbank Glendale for a free drywood termite inspection today. These pests typically swarm on warm days following a sudden rise in temperature, so pay attention during the summer months and enlist our help at the first sign of trouble. Experts estimate that termites cause more than $2 billion in damage to U.S. homes annually. Do not let your home be a part of that statistic. Our pest control experts are standing by to schedule your free inspection and estimate. We are eager to help protect your Glendale or Burbank home or business from unwanted pests.

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