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Stop Infestations With Termite Treatments in Glendale, CA

A professional termite treatment is the most effective way to keep termites from fully invading your home. Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co. in Glendale, California, performs termite treatments that will expel all possible intruders. We have various types of treatments. If you would like to know which kind of treatment would work best for your home, just schedule a free inspection. Our termite terminators will happily examine your home and tell you the best course of treatment.

Close up Termites worker on dried leaf

What Is a Termite Treatment?

A termite treatment is the application of a special product that prevents full-blown infestations from ever happening. Our team has carefully cultivated a list of products that keep termites away while avoiding toxic exposure to pets and other friendly wildlife like birds and squirrels. One of the most critical parts of termite treatment is the application. Our team knows exactly where to put these products and how much to use.

Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co.’s Termite Treatments

Depending on the situation, we use many different products for termite treatment. Each product has its advantages in certain circumstances. Our team will happily explain which type is best for you, but it’s helpful to have a general understanding of each. The types of termite treatment we use are:

Premise Foam

When you have the early signs of a termite infestation, you need to seal the tunnels they use to enter and exit your home. We inject a foam that expands and seals off the colony’s pathways. Then, we fill the area with wood filler so that it looks like the termites were never there in the first place.

Termidor Dry

This cellulose-based dust contains small amounts of fipronil. We inject this into the tracks made by the termites. Then, we seal the pathways. They are attracted to it, then take it back to their nest. This helps them spread it among themselves, eliminating the maximum amount of termites.


Tim-Bor is a Borate salt that is often mixed in a water-based solution. Then, we spray it on exposed wood. It is usually best used on internal timber, as it will slowly be washed away by the elements. On interior wood, it can prevent termites from infesting areas for up to 20 years.

XT-2000 (Orange Oil)

A concentrated oil made from orange peels is a highly effective termite treatment. Its main active ingredient, D-limonene, breaks down their exoskeletons and destroys eggs. The convenient thing about this treatment is that it is also completely natural. It is no threat to humans or small animals around the home.

Termidor SC, Termidor HE, or Altriset

These termite treatments attack infestations forming underground around your home’s foundation. They can sit in soil or be drilled into the concrete foundation of a home.

Schedule Your Free Inspection Now!

If you have the early signs of a termite infestation, you need a termite treatment right away. Our team offers free inspections. This way, we can see if your suspicions are correct and determine the extent of the infestation. Then, we can develop a termite treatment strategy using one or more of the above treatment methods. When we perform termite treatments, we ensure that we get every last termite. To schedule your free inspection, call us or fill out a contact form.

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