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If your home becomes a haven for fleas, count on the professionals at Hydrex Pest Control to provide expert pest control services. Our team is well-equipped to handle flea problems of all scopes, relying on years of expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to resolve your issue. We have been serving the area since 1946, so we have a keen awareness of the types of fleas that may be present in your commercial or residential property as well as the behaviors they may display. This knowledge allows us to quickly, safely, and thoroughly provide flea control in your house or office building. For local pest control on which you can rely, contact our team today.

Identifying Signs of a Flea Problem in Your Home

Fleas thrive during hot summer days, but they can be omnipresent in California because of our year-round climate. The best time to start looking for signs that you may have a flea problem is during the spring, just before peak flea season typically begins. To determine if fleas are present on your property, it is best to check your:

  • Pets – If you notice your dog or cat is scratching more than usual, shaking his or her head frequently, or losing hair, inspect your pet for fleas. Use a flea comb so that you can see skin and whether there are any small, dark specks. Fleas are brown, black, or reddish. If you notice movement, your pet has fleas. Quick action is necessary for your animal as well as your home.
  • Home or office – If your pet has fleas, chances are they have infested your home as well. Carefully check your pet’s bedding or crates, upholstered furniture, and carpets or rugs. The best way to inspect the latter is by shuffling your feet on the flooring while wearing white socks. After doing this, you should be able to notice fleas on the socks or carpet if they are there.
  • Yard – Fleas can access your home by making their way into your yard, where they may then attach to your pets or clothing. Check areas including under and around trees, bushes, and patios. Hydrex Pest Control can help.

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Why Professional Flea Control Services are Necessary

Fleas pose numerous health risks to humans. They can cause allergic reactions, transmit several diseases, and lead to considerable itching, which may lead to an infection. Additionally, they can worsen respiratory illnesses and their complications. Fleas can also be harmful to your pets. Animals are vulnerable to allergic reactions to fleas and may develop amnesia from the parasites. Therefore, it is important to trust the trained specialists at Hydrex Pest Control to resolve your flea problem. Over-the-counter products are regulated for consumer safety and have a more limited life than the products our team can utilize. While over-the-counter products can be effective for small, localized infestations, you are unlikely to eradicate fleas completely without the help of professionals. Furthermore, by not seeking immediate assistance, you are allowing fleas to multiply and spread.

Our Flea Control Services in Glendale, La Canada, & Pasadena

The Hydrex Pest Control technicians will visit your home in Glendale, La Canada, & Pasadena to complete a thorough inspection for fleas. Not only will we locate the insects and the root of your infestation, but we will also identify any areas that have fleas in their immature larval stages. Armed with this information, we will create a flea management plan. We will use professional-grade chemicals to exterminate live fleas where they reside, as well as growth regulators that will halt the development of fleas in their larval stages, thus interrupting the reproductive life cycle. We use products that are not harmful to your family, employees, or pets, but effective against fleas. As part of our flea control services in your house, we will also use an industrial-strength vacuum to remove flea eggs, larvae, and adults from your carpets, bedding, and upholstery. Finally, we can schedule a follow-up inspection to confirm the fleas in your Glendale-area home have been eliminated.

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Fleas can be much more than a nuisance, causing illnesses among family members and pets as well as irritating, itchy reactions when they come in contact with skin. They draw blood from their hosts, which include dogs, cats, and even humans. But they can become challenging to eradicate because of their quick reproduction cycle and propensity for laying eggs in rugs, carpets, bedding, upholstery, cracks in the floor, and other difficult-to-clean areas. While flea prevention is important, the crafty insects may still attach to you or your pet and make your home their own. If that happens, reach out to the team at Hydrex Pest Control in Glendale, La Canada, & Pasadena for professional flea control services. We will address your flea problem promptly and completely, so you need not worry about their return. Contact us today for a free home inspection.

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