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Hydrex Pest Control Offers Bed Bug Extermination Services

If you face a bed bug problem at your home in Glendale, La Canada, & Pasadena or the surrounding area, count on the bed bug extermination services we provide at Hydrex Pest Control. We have served the area since 1946, providing unmatched local pest control services. Bed bugs are among the most irritating infestations you can encounter, even though they are not overly harmful. Despite not posing significant health threats, these pests attack you while you sleep, feeding on your blood during nighttime hours. Barring intervention from a pest control expert, bed bugs will persist and multiply. Contact us today to learn more about how we can eradicate them from your home.

Identifying Bed Bugs in Your Glendale-Area Home

Bed bugs are small parasites that require a host organism to survive. They tend to live in groups, often finding settings where they can burrow, such as mattresses, furniture, or carpeting. They have a distinct oval shape and flat bodies that are roughly the size of an apple seed. Because of their brownish color, they may be able to blend into their surroundings. To identify these pests in your home, look for:

  • Visible bugs – Despite their size, you may be able to see these creatures when cleaning or changing bedding. They tend to hide in dark corners or crevices, but disruption to their environment may make them noticeable. You may also find red stains that result from crushing the bugs in your sleep.
  • Bites – Though less reliable as a determining factor, if you wake up with small, red spots on your skin, you may have a bed bug problem. Itchy, painful bites should prompt a call to Hydrex Pest Control for an inspection.
  • Droppings or case skins – Bed bugs will leave behind case skins or droppings, which may stain your bedding material.

Bed Bugs

How Do I Prepare for Bed Bug Extermination?

You can help us complete our task by preparing for bed bug extermination before our specialists arrive. After we schedule a time to perform the service, we will provide you with a checklist of items to complete before extermination day. This will help expedite the process and keep your home and belongings safe. Among the preparations you will need to make are:

  • Stand mattresses and box springs up against a wall.
  • Empty closets and dressers.
  • Wash and dry all clothing on high heat.
  • Bag items that cannot be laundered.
  • Remove furniture cushions and accessories.
  • Reduce any clutter in your living areas.

How Does Bed Bug Extermination Work?

Bed bug extermination incorporates several different treatment methods to rid your Glendale, La Canada, & Pasadena home of the pests. Among the most effective ways to exterminate bed bugs is through a whole room heat treatment. We will use specially-designed equipment to increase your home’s temperature to a level at which bed bugs and their eggs will die. During the process, we will use thermometers to ensure we meet target temperatures without damaging heat-sensitive items. This process usually takes six to eight hours and may include the application of insecticide following its completion.

We may also determine the best strategy for bed bug extermination is a complete insecticide treatment. Our highly-trained specialists have various types and brands to use, depending on your situation. We can also incorporate several insecticides during one treatment, using longer-lasting chemicals in areas that you and your family members will not typically touch. For safety reasons, do not attempt to apply insecticides on your own. Trust the professionals at Hydrex Pest Control.

What Happens During Bed Bug Extermination?

During bed bug extermination, our team will arrive at your home with various treatments, pesticides, steam machines, vacuums, and professional-grade equipment. We will begin by thoroughly inspecting your home for infestations to determine the extent of your bed bug problem. We will then craft a plan using safe, low-toxicity treatments to protect your home and family. Throughout the process, Hydrex Pest Control will inform you of the measures we are taking and why they are important.

What Do I Do After Bed Bug Extermination Services?

Following bed bug extermination, especially if insecticides are involved, we will explain how long you should wait before re-entering your home and alert you to all areas that were treated. Once inside, you should proceed to wash and dry the linens and clothing that were in the treated rooms using hot water and high heat. You should also continue to monitor for bed bugs. Our treatment plans are thorough, but whole room heat does not have long-term guarantees, so the pests may eventually return.

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When bed bugs invade your home and interrupt your sleep, fight back with bed bug extermination services from Hydrex Pest Control. Our highly-skilled technicians will employ a host of effective treatments to ensure the pests no longer bother you or your family. We are proud to have provided local pest control in Glendale, La Canada, & Pasadena and the surrounding area for more than 70 years, and we are confident we can eliminate any nuisances in your home. Contact us today for a free home inspection.


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