Fumigation Services for Burbank and Southern California

Fumigation is far and away the best, most effective method for stopping the spread of termites and termite damage throughout your home. As the top provider of fumigation services in Burbank, Glendale, and Southern California, Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co. offers this proven termite extermination option to rid your home of termites as quickly, safely, and affordably as possible.
We specialize in termite fumigation, and have the experience and expertise California homeowners count on to control and remove this menace fast. As seasoned, professional termite fumigators, we have been helping homeowners identify and eliminate these damaging pests for more than 70 years, utilizing the latest in termite control technology to ensure termite removal is done safely and securely.
Once the presence of termites is confirmed, we map out the termite’s extermination strategy that will work best for you and your home. We then go to work to rid your home of this pest before it’s too late.

A serious problem

Every year, termite infestations affect more U.S. homes than fires, earthquakes, and storms combined. It’s a problem that not only poses a significant threat to more than 600,000 structures across the country, but that leads to damage totaling over $1.5 billion every year. Without taking the proper steps to eliminate this menace, the damage it causes can lead to significant costs to the Southern California homeowner far down the road.
When you choose Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co.’s in Glendale, CA professional fumigation services for your Burbank home, you’re going with the most effective and proven termite treatment process available, one that not only gets rid of your problem fast, but that does so with your family’s health and safety in mind at all times.

Keeping you informed

We know you have questions and concerns when it comes to fumigation, which is why we work to keep you informed throughout the entire process.
Our goal is to help Southern California homeowners not only understand why fumigation is necessary, but also how it works, why it is the most proven effective termite treatment option, and how best to prepare your home for fumigation services.

Why fumigation is necessary

Fumigation is the most effective way to eliminate a termite infestation. No other treatment method has proven as effective or as fast when it comes to treating every area termites can affect and damage within your home.

Why fumigation is so effective

Fumigation attacks and eliminates the threats of termites everywhere they exist, including behind walls, throughout attics, and any other hidden, hard-to-reach spaces that exist in your home. Fumigation is the only termite control method proven to kill 100% of the infestation, and is the best termite removal option available anywhere.

How to prepare

Proper preparation for a fumigation can be a challenge for homeowners in Glendale, CA, yet this part of the process is essential to ensuring your treatment plan is completed on schedule. This 8-minute video shows homeowners how to prepare for a fumigation:

Your best termite extermination option

If you live in Burbank, Glendale, or anywhere else in Southern California and fear your home is suffering from a termite infestation, professional Hydrex Pest Control & Termite Co. fumigation services is your best termites extermination option.

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