Fly Removal in Burbank

Getting Rid of Nuisances

While many people believe flies to be routine pests that occasionally visit your home, during the summer months, you your home or office can actually become over burdened by these insects. When this happens, you can expect that your pantry or food storage may be compromised. When this happens, you may feel extremely overwhelmed, yet this doesn’t have to be the case! At Hydrex Pest, our certified extermination experts have years of experience resolving infestations and can assist you in your time of need. Additionally, we are known for providing exceptional customer service and great pricing on all extermination projects.

We can combat issues with:

  • Mosquito – Small midge-like fly that has a tube mouth, which is used to pierce the hosts skin and draw blood.
  • House fly – Small black and brown with red eye. Although not posing direct threat, they can become a common nuisance in your home or work place if left to get out of hand.
  • Fruit fly – Appearing in brown or tan, fruit flies can pose a threat to your precious ripe fruits and vegetables.

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Fly Removal In Burbank

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